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Earling is plays two role in issuing warning:
1- Earthquake Early Warning
2- Earthquake Preparedness Alert

1- Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) Systems works based on the earthquake waves while they are distributing on the ground. As the speed of earthquake waves is about 6km/s in average, people wouldn't have much time to find a safe place or decide about the best thing they can do. As it is an expensive solution to issue warning, just a few of regions around the world is covered by EEW systems. Meanwhile Hokkaido earthquake in Japan showed that even with this expensive solutions there is no any guarantees to receive EEW alert before the earthquake waves arrive. People in the region received earthquake alert couple of minutes after M7.2 earthquake struck Hokkaido.

Earling utilizes accelerometer of smartphones to detect earthquake signs in the victim area as the destructive waves arrive and issue EEW warning in the vicinity area before the area start shaking by the earthquake waves. Technically golden time that people would have before the earthquake waves arrive cannot be more than 1 minute and most the time it is couple of seconds. If you feel more time is needed take a look to the "Earthquake Preparedness Alert" section at the below.

As we use accelerometer of smartphones installing Earling mobile app on your mobile would let us to automatically receive ground stress level around you to issue warning early warning alert if there were any threat around you.

The below video shows you how the earthquake waves travel on the ground:

2- Earthquake Preparedness Alert
Before a major earthquake a very specific pattern appears and can be distinguished in ground activities. Your smartphones assist us to continuously monitor ground activity in your region to find this patterns that may cause a preparedness alert being issued through artificial intelligent (AI) algorithms. Preparedness alert means that the ground activity level in the region is changed in a way that can cause earthquake(s). You can received alerts on your smarpthones or from the website. For more information about latest earthquake has been issued in different region around the world refer to Calendar.

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