It was day 3 after Earling issued earthquake preparedness alert at 29 Aug for North East of Iran. M4.3 hit the region.


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"We've lost our students, we've lost our schools... We've lost our lives."
The hunt of survivors has ended The headteacher of the Turkish school destroyed by an earthquake on Thursday has been speaking about the impact of the tragedy, as the search for bodies drew to a close. Mustafa Gurhan said that of the nearly 200 children who had been in the dormitory when it collapsed, 115 had been brought out alive and the last of the 84 bodies were recovered on Sunday morning. We believe that parents would still be waiting there and there are no parents waiting anymore," he said. What I'm really looking for is my diary that was signed by all my friends There is still intense grief in Bingol. It's over now but it's going to affect our whole lives. "The three days since the earthquake have been the most terrible days of our lives. Officials say 167 people are known to have died in the earthquake in Bingol in the south-west of the country while more than 1,000 are reported injured. The primary and middle boarding school was built for the children of farmers from surrounding villages that have no schools and poor transportation services. Inspectors took samples from the wrecked dormitory for a government investigation of the man contractor who built the school. At the ruins of the school, in the nearby village of Celtiksuyu, many parents were upset when rescuers started using cranes and heavy equipment to shift the rubble. Within the rubble from collapsed buildings small spaces can be left These spaces can be created by supportive objects such as drinks machines or filing cabinets People can survive in these pockets for days, sometimes weeks "We believe 99% that everybody has been found. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has promised an investigation after complaints of poor building standards at the school. Other buildings nearby appeared untouched. "We had a difficult time in the early hours of the earthquake when we had no equipment or specialists but after they arrived I think they did all they could to rescue people," said Mr Gurhan.

Source: BBC