About us

Earling developed a Predictive Analytics System named FirstNotice, mainly focused on financial seismic risks. Many NatCat models are developed in Earling to detect high-risk seismic time-windows in the undercover regions.
Earling is a startup focused on detecting seismic risks in 260 regions of high-risk 40 countries. The 4th industrial revolution provided new technologies that weren’t available 10 or even 5 years ago. Now through analyzing billions of records from all over the world, detecting seismic risks is a reachable goal.

Transfer and manage short-term seismic risks as high-risk seismic time-windows detected — from hours until days in advance.

How much is the whole risk?

UNDRR reported that the earthquake annual loss is about $100 billion.

What is the usability of the solution in my company?

As a risk taker

As a decision-maker in the insurance industry, managing risks is the highest priority. Pricing, transferring risks to the risk owner to be prepared to decrease probable losses, refusing to accept new customers during the high-risk time-windows are some of the essential reactions for insurance companies. Earling FirstNotice puts insurance company’s at the top of the priority pyramid to seismic risk level changes before any other market segments.
Reinsurance companies need different approaches to prevent earthquake risks from affecting their markets. One of them is defining Earthquake Preparedness Action Plan, and ask primary insurance companies to apply its instructions as high-risk time-window detected.

As a risk owner

Are you a homeowner or an oil industry stack holder? as high-risk seismic time-window detected, transferring financial risks to the risk-takers is one of the best suggestions. Like the severe weather conditions data, Earling SecondNotice provides you a chance to make your decision. Transfer earthquake financial risks for risk owners.

Is it earthquake forecasting?

Definitely, it is a new level of risk assessment. As patterns that previously are followed by unusual earthquakes getting occurred, our clients receive the required data for decision making. Detecting such patterns took 7 years of creating new instruments, data gathering, developing new algorithms, monitoring results, changing algorithms behaviors, creating models, testing models, tens of thousands hard-working, and finally choosing a business model for business suitability.

What kinds of data are available?

  • FirstNotice Dashboard
  • FirstNotice API
  • FirstNotice Awareness
  • SecondNotice Alert
  • CAT Bond Consultation

How it get started?

Earling Ltd is one of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation members. We help a wide diversity of industries and individuals to transfer their earthquake risks to hand picked well-known risk takers especially in the insurance industry. We have developed different types of algorithms in Earling to detect high-risk seismic time-windows to issue Earthquake Preparedness Alerts before unusual earthquakes happen in 30 undercover countries. Earling uses accelerometers embedded in all of smartphones to setup a network of Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) as the Earling input datastream to monitor current ground activity situation.

Earling Ltd Earling Logo is one of the top 26 startups in the Zurich Innovation Championship 2020 in North America and the International Disaster Management Award Winner.

In the 4th industrial revolution it is humankind's turn to program earthquakes.

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Earling Ltd
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