Kyrgyzstan Preparedness Alert

If by 1 or 2 earthquakes in each month for a region as large as Kyrgyzstan we can say the region in danger zone, yes Kyrgyzstan is in danger zone. In the last century, Kyrgyzstan has been affected by a series of seismic disasters, the strongest being the Ms = 8.2 Kemin earthquake in 1911 (Bogdanovitch et al., 1914, Delvaux et al., 2001). This earthquake killed several hundreds of people by direct or indirect effects as mudflows or landslides. Recently, the Ms = 7.3 Suusamyr earthquake affected the Northern and central Tien Shan mountain regions. About 50 people were killed, most of them by the giant Toluk rock ava- lanche triggered by the earthquake inside the Southern Suusamyr Range (Ghose et al., 1997).

But we are in artificial intelligent age. We are in the days that accelerometer are embedded in smartphones that let us to setup a seismometer network by smartphones and gathering millions of shakes recorded by accelerometer of smartphones. Earling as the International Diaster Management Award Winner distinguish ground shaking patterns from daily mobile shakes. As soon as Earling algorithms realized that risk level of a major event is increased in the region people and authorities will be acknowledged from hours to days before to be prepared for a forthcoming event.

Since July 2018 Earling would have been able to monitor ground motions in Kyrgyzstan and issue preparedness alert in the region.

One of the latest preparedness alert in Kyrgyzstan is mentioned below which was a very shallow M3.7 and hit the specified region the day after alert issued for the region: