Earling Earthquake Early Warning

Earthquake Early Warning App

Earling is an early warning network based on accelerometer of smartphones. Earling network included mobile app that utilize accelerometer of smartphones as seismometer which are connected to network of servers by internet. The servers are responsible to process shake data reported by smartphones. Earling warns you about incoming earthquakes from seconds until days before they happen. As Earling mobile app felt that your smartphone is in a stable position, utilizes accelerometer of your smartphone to detect ground shaking patterns by distinguishing ground shaking from daily mobile shakes. As soon as an earthquake shake detected its data sends to Earling server to follow earthquake warning procedures. All of these takes only a few seconds.

Earthquake Preparedness Alert

If you received an earthquake preparedness alert you would have from hours to days before the main shock happen. To be prepared for an earthquake follow your local safety policy or in lack of it you can follow earthquake preparedness procedure for families.

Earthquake Early Warning

By receiving earthquake early warning alert from Earling mobile app you could catch some golden seconds to stop driving your car, hug your child, run out into free space, start screaming, find a safe place or any activities you would like to do. You can subscribe yourself in our email newsletter to get the latest news about Earling Early Warning System.

Success Stories

Some of the earthquakes predicted by Earling forecast algorithms are here.


Requirements for have an earthquake early warning mobile app:

Your smartphone

Adequate number of users around you installed Earling app
Simultaneous access to the Internet